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SEO website optimization

On Site SEO website optimization for the search engines includes a set of certain actions that are to be done on the website itself with the aim of positioning it on search engines.
It is done after completed analytics and it contains:

- Analysis of the current status of your website, market and competition.
- Searching and analysis of the key words
- Corrections of the website structure and links (URLs)
- Text corrections for the SEO
- Title corrections of the pages (H1 – H6)
- Internal linking
- Defining and setting Title and Description tags and their adjustment with the content and with the completed analytics
- Setting the corresponding ALT tags on images
- Setting the buttons for content sharing on the social networks
- Installation of Google Analytics, sitemap.xml, Search Console, robots.txt
- Registering the website on the search engines, tracking and indexing the new pages

Link building (off site SEO)

This is the most important but also the most sensitive part of the SEO website optimization. It involves building the network of incoming links to the website itself, and in that way raising of the website ranking and authority on the search engines. The network of the incoming links should be built gradually and with diversity, by using different link building methods that have quality. It is generally accepted that the link with the best quality is the one that is impossible to reach to, so these links have the highest value. For this reason, as the best link methods, Guest posts and article links published on the other websites are being marked out.

Besides these, we also use other methods such as exchanging links with other websites, registering website into web directories, creating links on forums etc.

Building link network should be consistent and long-term process which is to be done with the constant analysis of the website position on the search engines.

Google AdWords

Running a campaign consists of three parts. First of all, the market and competition research is being done (in coordination with you), so that we can understand your competitive advantages and disadvantages, and plan the campaign the best way possible. After research and planning, there is the campaign creating based on collected inputs. Then comes the continual campaign optimization and goal is pulling out the best from the resources we have.

Community management and Facebook Ads

The main advantages of Facebook advertising are evident in the possibility of fast and easy message conveying to the targeted users, the possibility of targeting a target group according to geographic location, demographic information and interests, the possibility of determining the frequency of showing these messages and the possibility of tracking detailed statistics of the number of reached users, the price of a click and the success of the campaign in general.

What we have to offer?

We are creating the strategy of Facebook advertising by:

- doing the market research,
- finding adequate target population,
- emphasizing your advantages in regard to the competition,
- creating and designing Ads,
- running the campaign,
- optimizing the campaign according to the tracked results,
- creating and adjusting ‘’landing page’’ or the application to which the click on the add leads,
- conducting the Facebook page,
- creating tabs,
- searching for material, designing posts and publishing interesting and relevant content on the page,
- optimizing the strategy according to results,
- leading a professional communication with the users of the page and
- creating detailed monthly reports.


YouTube advertising enables connecting with the local and international audience by using the second most popular search engine after Google.

The possibility of precise targeting of the cpecific group grants ROI. The Ads can be shown to the YouTube users based on their gender, geographic location, language they speak or their interests. Video Ads can help you to connect with the potential buyers in a unique and unforgettable way. Present them the benefits they will have by using your product or service.

The possibility of surveying the campaign success through the tools can help in understanding how people react on your video.

Remarketing i.e. displaying video Ads only to persons who have already been on your YouTube channel, video or website.


Instagram advertising

The safe building of the visual brand identity – Using the Instagram advertising, you will make an emotional connection with the wanted target group, which will motivate your followers to better connect with the brand.

Image Ad is the format where the image is worth a thousand words. Every Ad also has a link that leads the user to the address which is determined by the advertiser.

Video Ad is landscape format and its specifications are the same as the Facebook format. The maximum time of the Ad is 30 seconds.

Carousel Ad represents the option of showing the Ad in several images (3 to 5).

Android application development

We started Android Application development with the idea to integrate the development of the web applications (websites), online marketing and apps into mobile phones so that we can go a step forward and make the information about client’s product and service available to a potential buyer wherever he is.

Creating and development of the Online Marketing plan for Google advertising

Creating and developing Online Marketing plan for Google advertising:

- Market analysis of potential clients
- Demographic division
- Division according to the groups of interest
- Structure design of the advertising message and creating optimal number of Ads
- Planning and defining daily and monthly budget for advertising

Creating, optimizing and administration of the advertising campaigns

Creating Ads according to the targeted clients

Tracking visits and the outcome (website visits, clicks, conversions, purchases etc.).

Ads Optimization for the better rate of the sales effect (consumption/realization*100).

Tracking the success of the advertising through ROI (Return On Investment).

Creating Google+ fan-page

Creating your Fan-page on Google+ social network

Optimizing of the content and material in accordance with your needs (images, texts, videos etc.)

Creating and developing advertising on Facebook

Market analysis of the potential clients

Demographic division

Classification according to the groups of interest

Creating the look and the number of Ads

Defining daily and monthly budget for advertising

Creating campaigns

Optimization of Ads and campaigns

Creating and optimizing Fan-Page Facebook advertising

Optimizing of the content and material in accordance with your needs (images, texts, videos etc.)

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, V Kontakte, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instragram


We are not only digital experts – digital is in our DNA. We have our own banner factory where we successfully develop flash and standard banners, HTML5 banners, banner localizations, resizes and adaptation for different ad platforms.


We are professionals in designing, developing and testing newsletters, so that they can reach the right audience and deliver our client’s message best. Also, please don’t hesitate to ask us for the development of a mini site or a landing page – we have a lot to tell and show you.


Content entry tasks tend to be time and cost consuming. That is why we offer our clients the best solution - a team of top trained publishers and digital talents that guides them through the whole process, providing a strategic pricing advantage.

  • Digital marketingVučko PantićSMITH CEO

  • Graphic Design & PhotoSaša RadičevićSMITH Creative Director

  • Web & Graphic DesignZoran Zuc JovanovićSMITH Art Director

  • Web & Mobile DevelopmentMiroslav MitićSMITH Technical Director PHP+381 62 83 19 025
  • Photo StudioAleksandar MilojićSMITH Studio Manager+381 63 58 62 28



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