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We are not only digital experts – digital is in our DNA. We have our own banner factory where we successfully develop flash and standard banners, HTML5 banners, banner localizations, resizes and adaptation for different ad platforms.



We are professionals in designing, developing and testing newsletters, so that they can reach the right audience and deliver our client’s message best. Also, please don’t hesitate to ask us for the development of a mini site or a landing page – we have a lot to tell and show you.

Content entry tasks tend to be time and cost consuming. That is why we offer our clients the best solution - a team of top trained publishers and digital talents that guides them through the whole process, providing a strategic pricing advantage.



A trusted production partner

Our expertise enables us to become a seamless extension to in-house development teams and expertly perform all digital production needs. We proud ourselves for being technical experts, always using cutting-edge in developing exciting and innovative projects.


The aim is to instill the feeling of desire for a product you are photographing, especially food. Product photography is supposed to convince the beholder that the product in question is likable and tasty.


Photographing a model requires the keen eye and disposition of a professional photographer. It requires skill to capture the moment when the model looks his or her best.


After taking a picture comes the tricky part where you are supposed to adjust the gamma, the colors, and sharpness in order to get the flawless photo. Photographing a model requires meticulous postproduction so that the final product is perfect.


"A good photo - it's a real alchemy, a perfectly elusive goal that depends on many things: the trend, the fashion, the mood of those who are giving the evaluation and many more factors - it's impossible to mention all of them. In my personal opinion, a good photo is one that leaves no one indifferent. Roughly speaking, every day we see thousands of photos, and if one of them made an impression on us – that is a great photo."

Graphic Design

Perennial experience in graphic design and branding provides our clients with the necessary assurance that any project that is entrusted to us will be completed with the best possible results. Our commitment and love for design results in a new visual solution for each client and each product.


We enjoy filling a “blank page” with good design in a relaxed and creative work atmosphere, to everyone's satisfaction. SMITH agency designers strive to learn more and to advance professionally on a daily basis, by keeping up with the latest technologies and tools that provide them with better and quicker results.



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